Healthy Drumming Drumming


Much has been written about drumming. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of web sites dedicated to drumming. There are numerous anecdotal reports about the effects of drumming and clinical trials, including research by Dr. Sal Nunez that underscore ancient wisdom related to the healing power of the drum. Whether explained in theoretical, experiential or other terms, drumming is a form of ancient medicine, which purpose is to balance the energy essence, strengthen the body, release the mind, alleviate the heart, and enhance relationships.

We are aware and well informed of the physiological, neurological, and psychological implications of drumming and educate Healthy Drumming participants on these elements. We are also familiar with the mind-body-spirit interconnectedness that drumming facilitates and offer information about these principles in the form of indigenous and behavioral medicine. We tailor groups to the needs of individuals and communities and pay particular attention to respecting and acknowledging tradition.


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