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Presentations by Sal Nunez, PhD




City College of San Francisco

Therapeutic and Medicinal Drumming

1. Men, Trauma, and Recovery, January 2005

2. Therapeutic Effects of Drumming, August 2006

3. Health and Restoration, March 2007

4. Collectively Healing Trauma, November 2008

5. Trauma and Recovery, February 2009

6. Stress Management, November 2009

7. Trauma and Recovery, April 2010

8. Community Defined Approach, October 2010

9. Indigenous Medicine, March 2011

10. Healing Trauma, November 2011

11. Community Mental Health, December 2011 (

Drum Circle Facilitators 8th Annual Conference

Medicinal Drumming Praxis, February 2013

Community Defined Evidence: Technical Assistance Partnership

Medicinal Drumming Praxis, October 2012

17th International Conference, Violence, Abuse, and Trauma

Medicinal Drumming Praxis: Trauma Recovery, September 2012

Boys and Men of Color 2nd Annual Summit

Medicinal Drumming Praxis: A culturally congruent model for health and wellness, April 2012


Sacred Circle Center, Whittier, CA

Medicinal Drumming Praxis, February 2012 


Carlos Albizu University, San Juan Puerto Rico

Therapeutic Drumming, a community defined treatment approach, October 2011


California Institute of Integral Studies

Medicinal Drumming, approach in trauma recovery and substance use, September 2011


San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Medicinal Drumming, Indigenous healing approach, May 2011  

Saybrook University, College of Mind Body Medicine

Ceremonial Drumming, mind, body, spirit intervention to health and wellness, May 2011


Alameda County, School Health Services Coalition

Medicinal Drumming, a culturally congruent intervention for youth, February 2011


La Clinica De La Raza

Training - Medicinal Drumming

Facilitating therapeutic and ceremonial drumming circles, February 2011 - May 2011


California Institute of Integral Studies

Medicinal Drumming, a holistic approach to wellness and recovery, September 2010


National Network to Eliminated Disparities in Behavioral Health

Webinar -- Therapeutic Drumming Program, July 2010 


Click on the following link to visit the recorded Webinar with Bio's and PowerPoint


San Francisco State University

Spiritual Medicine and Drumming, April 2010 (OLLI) Campus

Ceremonial Drumming as a Culturally Appropriate Intervention, May 2010


Jewish Community Center San Francisco

Medicinal Drumming, January 2010


Common Bond Institute                                                                                           

4th International Conference, November 2009

The Power of Compassion


Trauma Recovery Center, University of California

San Francisco General Hospital

Medicinal Drumming as a trauma recovery modality, October 2009  


National Latina/o Psychological Association

The integration of healing drumming circles in community healing, November 2008 


Common Bond Institute

3rd International Conference, September 2008

Engaging the Other: The development of identity


Concordia Seminars

20th year celebration, October 2007

Ceremonial drumming


Instituto Familiar De La Raza

The effects of drumming on anxiety in Latino male youth, February 2007


Latino Behavioral Health Institute

12th Annual Conference, September 2006

Therapeutic drumming as a clinical treatment modality: Reclaiming our roots


Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center

1. Neurochemical effects of drumming, January 2007

2. Sonic driving and ceremony, June 2007

3. Drumming, medicinal rhythms, and ceremony, January 2008

4. Creating sacred space, drumming, and trance, June 2008

5. Ceremonial drumming as a healing modality, January 2009

6. Drumming effects, clinical biofeedback, June 2009

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