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Healthy Drumming Institute

Núñez (c) 2004

The Healthy Drumming Institute evolved from years of practice, research, and consultations in the area of psychology and drumming. It was inspired by devotion to, and the need for advanced instruction and research in this specialized discipline. The Institute’s uniqueness is founded on a holistic approach to learning and transformation. Our knowledge is based on psychological, biological, ethnological, spiritual, musical, organizational, and investigative principles. Listed below are areas of specialized focus.

Instructional Workshops are primarily educational in nature. These include ethnological (the similarities between cultures regarding the deliberate use of drumming) and scientific perspectives to drumming, instruction in drumming, group drumming, skill development in facilitating drumming circles, and training in the application of restorative drumming.

Drumming Circles are not music classes and are not focused on learning any traditional rhythms or percussive patterns. Rather, they are intuitive, spontaneous, and creative circles designed for self-expression within a structured and disciplined process. These workshops are intended to induce an awakened and reflective state of consciousness and make the participant feel released and rejuvenated.

Restorative Work is a process that usually begins by identifying a matter of concern and its impact on healthy living. The goal of such drumming workshop is to restore balance and harmony. Core to these workshops are the pairing of specific drumming patterns with the participant’s conscious intent.

Organizational Consultations focus on assessing the operant principles of a team; and defining, restructuring, and strengthening team aptitude. A session may also be tailored as a retreat enhancement strategy.

In general, workshops include playing basic rhythmical patterns on a drum, vocalizations, breathing exercises, meditation, and verbal and non-verbal communication. Please note that specific conditions usually warrant methodological modification.

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