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Healthy Drumming® is a holistic approach designed to decrease stress and anxiety by activating and bridging physiological, psychological, and spiritual schemas. The procedure is based on sound traditional healing techniques, scientific applications, and psychological strategies. The journey within is intended to induce an awakened and reflective state of consciousness and assist individuals to learn more about themselves in a joyful manner. A Healthy Drumming® workshop includes playing basic rhythmical patterns on a drum, vocalizations, breathing exercises, meditation, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

We are based in San Francisco California and focus on leading drumming circles tailored for organizations, groups, families, and communities. No musical knowledge or drumming experience is required to successfully participate in a Healthy Drumming® circle/workshop.  

Occasionally we will post information related to health, psychology, men/women issues, family, youth, traditional medicine, and other relevant topics.

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